B.C. Rich is a guitar manufacturer, founded by Bernardo Chavez Rico (hence B.C. Rich), whose electric and bass guitars are frequently used by metal musicians. Their guitars are known for their non-standard shapes and for also being the gnarliest guitars there are, which is one of the reasons for their popularity among heavy metal musicians. Another interesting fact is that nearly all of their guitars include dual humbucker pickups and 24 jumbo frets.

Popular B.C. Rich Guitar SeriesEdit



This model is a metal master warlock from the Kerry King Signature Series with tribal fire and the beast headstock.

The Warlock is probably the most popular B.C. Rich series, originally designed in 1981. The Series includes:

  • Electric Guitars
    • Warlock Bronze Series (the cheapest model, including a 6 in line pointed headstock, also known simply as the warlock guitar)
    • Revenge Warlock (a flat top version of the warlock with a widow headstock)
    • Kerry King Signature Warlocks:
    • Dark Arts Warlock (with Rockfield Fat Ass pickups, Floyd Rose Original Tremolo and a 6 in line pointed headstock)
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