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Table of common progressions during the common practice period
Table of Common Progressions
I, i May progress to any other triad. May interrupt any progression.
Major keys Minor keys
ii ii-V, ii-vii6° ii6° ii6°-V
ii* ii-V, ii-vii6°
iii iii-ii6, iii-IV, iii-V, iii-vi III III-ii6°, III-iv, III-VI
IV IV-I, IV-ii, IV-V, IV-vii6° iv iv-i, iv-ii6°, iv-V, iv-VII
IV* IV-V, IV-vii6°
V V-I, V-vi V V-i, V-VI
v* v-VI
vi vi-ii, vi-IV, vi-V, vi-iii-IV VI VI-ii6°, VI-iv, VI-V, VI-III-iv
vii6° vii6°-I, VII6°-V vii6°/VII vii6°-i/VII-III
* ii and IV in minor used with an ascending #6; v in minor used with a descending 7. See the article Chord (music)#Quality and Triads for a brief explanation of the notation used in this table.