The Gibson Explorer is a solid body electric guitar manufactured by the Gibson Corperation. I
Gibson explorer

A standard Gibson Explorer.

t was designed in 1958, but it didn't get noticed until the late 60's and early 70's when rock and roll was boosting in at full speed. It has a body some what simialar to the Gibson SG but with one signifigantly longer cutaway.


  • Explorer Baritone
  • Melody Maker Explorer
  • Explorer Tremolo
  • Sammy Hagar Signature Explorer
  • Dethlok "Thunderhose" Explorer
  • Explorer Traditional Pro
  • Seven-String Explorer
  • Explorer Vampire Blood Moon
  • Tribal Explorer
  • Robot Explorer
  • Holy Explorer


The Explorer is popularly known as "one of the most coveted powerhouses of screaming rock and roll." It has
Gibson explorers

More Gibson Exporers

features like an angular asmmyetrical body, and a pointed headstock. Another feature is it's triangular shaped pickguard. The headstock's shape is like the Fender Stratocaster's, and it's very unlike Gibson to use another brand headstock. The Explorer is somewhat light, about the same weight as the SG.