Gretsch is a guitar manufacturer that specializes in hollowbody electric guitars. They are currently owned by Fender. They are popular in the hollowbody market, with players such as George Harrison, Brian Setzer, and Chet Atkins being their most famous supporters.

Although Gretsch has made a wide range of instruments including solid-body guitars and basses, flat-top and arch-top acoustics, banjos and even drum kits, its best-know products are distinctive hollow-body electric guitars which entered production in the early 1950s and continue to date. These instruments vary widely in body size and shape, appointments and level of trim, but have in common rounded cutaways, distinctive pickup and control design and a distinct bias towards the country and more recently, rockabilly markets.

Many models feature stereo outputs, string mutes and Bigsby vibrato units, while some have eccentric features such as fake soundholes, leather or gold-sparkle binding, a soft rear-body pad and a large fire-branded "G" logo on the body. Finishes range from metallic bronze, sparkle silver and two-tone green to dark "walnut" stain and the famous Gretsch orange, not to mention the sublime white-and-gold of the White Falcon and its semi-solid relative, the ultra-rare White Penguin.