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what's harmonizing a scale?[]

Harmonizing a scale is the process of finding what chords work in what scale or key.

In this lesson you'll learn how to set up a song with proper scales and chords so it'll sound good. and what I'm telling you when I say the progression. i,ii,V,i sound's nice.

How can it be done[]

This can be done two ways:

  1. Knowing the scale and finding the chords that will work.
  2. Knowing the chords of the rhythm and finding the scales to solo with.

Way 1[]

to start off you'll need a basic understanding of chord and scale construction. Along with basic understanding of intervals.

Alright so let's start with a scenario. We're trying to write a song in C major because that's the key the singer can sing the best.

First we identify the note's in the scale of C major.

Which are C,D,E,F,G,A,B.

Secondly we take every other note till we only have three notes to create a triad. So our first chord from the C major scale is C-E-G. And the Second would be D-F-A.

Third we identify our intervals.

C to E we have a major 3rd. E to G we have a minor 3rd. D to F we have a minor 3rd . F to A is a major 3rd.

A major 3rd have 2 whole steps. A Minor 3rd is just one half step lower. Making it 1 whole step and a 1 half. 

Fourth step we figure out what chord values the intervals make.

a Major 3rd and a minor 3rd make a Major chord. so surprisingly enough the first chord in the C major scale is a C major chord.

And a Minor 3rd and a Major 3rd make a Minor chord. It's pretty simple trying to figure out the chord by the first interval value. Minor 3rd starts a minor chord. And a Major 3rd starts a Major chord.

Now what does the i,ii,V,i mean?[]

What we're talking about here is the chord steps in the scale. The first two chords we just made from the C major scale. Were the first two chords i and ii.

Each scale has it's own chord quality progressions. Each Major scale has a Major(I), minor(II), minor(III), major(IV), major(V),min(VI), Diminished(VI), Chord progression.

So The way it goes in the C major scale. I C Major, II D minor, III F Minor, IV E Major, V G major, VI A minor, And VII is B Diminished.

way two[]

coming soon!!