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Jackson History[]

Jackson is a guitar manufacturer originally owned and operated by Grover Jackson, a partner of Wayne Charvel of Charvel Guitar Repair. It is probably best-known for its "Rhoads" V model guitar, originally designed and used by guitarist Randy Rhoads. This model inspired Grover to start the Jackson guitar company.

Wayne Charvel sold his interest in the Charvel name to Grover Jackson November 10,1978. The shop was located in San Dimas, California and manufactured guitars in this location from 1979 to 1986, when the Company merged with IMC (International Music Corporation) a Texas based importer of musical instruments.

Recently, rights to the Charvel name and permission to manufacture Charvel guitars was granted to the Fender Guitar Company. Fender is now manufacturing guitars that are almost exactly like the original San Dimas Charvels, save for a few details. In some cases the guitars are even being built from NOS Charvel parts.

Jackson Guitars has become most famous for its slender and elegant models, often with an aggressive look popular with harder rock and metal music and are known for their fast playing necks. This made them particuarly popular among extreme metal guitarists in the 80's and early 90's.

Almost all Jackson (and many Charvel) guitars share the typical pointed, roughly triangular headstock, which is simply a Gibson Explorer style headstock modified to avoid lawsuits. Charvel/Jackson was the target of many copyright lawsuits from Gibson and Fender which led to using the modified Explorer headstock. This also ended using Stratocaster styled headstocks for Charvel guitars. Various models, however (especially a good number of Dinkys) do have a reversed headstock with the tip pointing upwards.

Jackson players[]

Player /Band/ Website

Bobby Hamilton         Chambered         
Andreas Klimmt        No God Innocent     
Angus Clark           Trans Siberian Orchestra 
Annah Moore           Ignitor             
Anthony DeJesus       Autumn's End        
Archaon               1349 *              
Ashmedi               Melechesh          
Austin Dickinson      The Oath           
Ben Moody             The Ben Moody Project 
Bobby Hamilton        The Day We Confess  
Britt Lightning       Jaded               
Chris Beattie         Hatebreed           
Chris Caffery         Savatage           
Chris Cannella        Autumn's End        
Chris Elsten          Autumn's End        
Christian Andreu      Gojira               
Christian Olde        Fear Factory        
David Pearson         Blissed             
David Wilde           Outkast             
Derrick Green         Sepultura           
Donnie Mathis         Outkast             
DR FL3TCH             Needleye           
Dre                   Outkast             
Duane Jones           Swirl/770           
Early Mike            Early Man           
Ed Fuhrman            Hades               
Frank Aresti          Fates Warning      
Geoff 'free' Breen    Blissed             
George Mihalovich     Aftershok           
Glenn Rogers          Hirax               
Hamish                My Dying Bride     
Hanny Mohammed        Black Majesty       
Harlan Von Helthor    Astriaal            
James Root            Slipknot / Stone Sour 
Jeff Miller           Blissed             
Jimmy Bower           Down / Eyehategod   
Joe Konczal           Time Lord           
Joey Turner           A Dozen Furies      
John Campbell         Lamb of God         
John Hehman           Year Of Desolation 
Johnie Helms          Toby Keith Band     
Johnnie Middleton     Savatage           
Jon Ridens            Of The Son          
Jon Rubin             Malevolent Creation 
Jonas Torndal         Grave               
Joseph Duplantier     Gojira             
Jure Nemec            Nasty / Turbo / Vabe
Iavor Bojinov         New Revival        
Karl Sanders          Nile                
Ken Jacobsen          Unleashed Power     
Kevin Bond            Superjoint Ritual   
Lance Harrison        Hirax               
Lenny DiSclafani      Agnostic Front      
Marcus Sunesson       The Crown           
Mark Morton           Lamb of God         
Mark Serrano          A Dozen Furies      
Marvin Vriesde        Dew Scented         
Matt Aub              Time Lord           
Matt Crooks           Division            
Matt Tuck             Bullet For My Valentine 
Metal Mike Chlasciak  Halford            
Michael McGregor      Bionic Jive         
Mike Blevins          Division            
Mike Halland          Crushed            
Misha Mansoor         Periphery          
Nornagest             Enthroned           
Ola Lindgren          Grave              
Phil Collen           Def Leppard         
Phil Demmel           Machine Head       
Phil Fasciana         Malevolent Creation
Randy Davis           Body Of Scars      
Ric Eubank            Face Down           
Rob Cavestany         Death Angel         
Ryan Furr             Of The Son          
Sam Wallace           Lachrymal           
Scott Habermann       Scott Habermann Project 
Scott Hull            Pig Destroyer       
Scott Krell           Face Down           
Serj Tankian          System of a Down    
Shawn Whitaker        Insidious Decrepancy
Symon Alhaddad        Vaticide            
T.C.S.                Devane              
Terry Syrek           Mindwalk            
Zakk Wylde            Ozzy Osbourne