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The Fender Jag-Stang was designed by Kurt Cobain in 1994, It was intended as a hybrid of two fender guitars, A Mustang, and a Jaguar, he created the Jag-Stang by taking a polaroid of the two separate guitars, cutting them in half, and then joining them 

Cobain's prototype Jag-Stang had a Fender Texas special pickup in the neck and a DiMarzio H-3 in the bridge. (The H-3 humbucker is not available as an individual product but the closest sounding one is the DiMarzio DP158 Pickup.) The production Jag-Stang includes a "vintage style" single coil pickup and one "special design" humbucker, each with its own toggle switch which a player can use to switch from "on", "off", or "out-of-phase" settings. It employs the Mustang's "Dynamic Vibrato" bridge and like both of its predecessors, it has a 24" short scale neck (an exact replica of Cobain's favorite neck, from a Fender Mustang).

Originally produced in the fall of 1995, after Kurt Cobain's death, Fender Japan reissued the Jag-Stang two years after its 2001 cancellation due to popular demand. Fender once again discontinued importing the Jag-Stang from Japan as of May 2006.

Brief Overview of the Fender Jag-Stang History[]

1996 – Jag-Stang first introduced at Winter NAMM 1996.1997 – goes online!1998 – Fender USA stopped importing/distributing the jag-stang.1998 – Fender Japan continued manufacturing the jag-stang.2001 – Fender Japan halts production of the jag-stang. (April 11, 2001) 2003 – Fender USA announces plans to reissue jag-stang at Summer 2003 NAMM. Fender Japan re-starts production.2006 – Fender Japan halts producing jag-stangs for the 2nd time in May 2006.