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So You Want to Play The Guitar?[]

The Beginner's Experience[]

There are many reasons why you may want to learn the guitar lets look at a few.

  • You want to impress people.
  • You want to become more musical by learning an instrument.
  • You want to Rock, or Jam.
  • You want a hobby.
  • You think Guitar is cool, and you figure if you play guitar - you will be cool (This is true).
  • You are through with playing air guitar and want to get more physical.

These are all valid reasons to pick up a guitar and start learning. Everyone learns differently. Take a look at The Beginner's Experience page for guitarists accounts of how they began.

What you will need[]



Guitar is a lifelong thing. It's not overnight, over ten years, or over 50. You've picked it up, now it's time to play for life.


Don't dread this word. If you practice what you want, it can be fun. Forget the 'kiddie'(e.g. Row Row Row your boat) songs and play something you enjoy listening to. Be sure to take a look at Practicing tips too for helpful insights.

Guitar & Equipment[]

Take a look at the Buyers Guide for more information regarding your first guitar. There are several Guitar Types. I recommend starting acoustic, but electric is totally fine as well. As a beginner you may want to stay away from special guitars like 12-strings, resonators, fretless, and other strange varieties.

Ready to Get Started?[]

First you have to familiarize yourself with the anatomy(quickly).

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