Maxonad999proMAXON AD999Pro ReviewEdit

I recently bought the Maxon AD999Pro analogue delay pedal. i will start the review being giving some of the specs

  • AD999 Pro utilizes four Maxon MC4107D bucket brigade ICs
  • 900 milliseconds of delay time
  • Delay repeats get filtered with an RMS level sensor and companding noise reduction circuitry.
  • It has a maximum input level of +12 dB and improved low range response for delay tone
  • New "Multi-Head" mode. It emulates tape delay by feeding midstream delay signals back into the circuit.
  • Consistent performance is nearly guaranteed by Maxon's DC to DC voltage converter / regulator.
  • Stereo outputs on the AD999 Pro let you pan the signal to two sources.

Now that we are done with the technical stuff we will get down to the important stuff. i tried alot of delay pedals before and after i played this one

and this came out on top by a long shot. the warmth of the repeats is unparalleled and it gives out this nice bassy throb with the lower frequencies.

the multi delay switches make this pedal extremely versatile. Letting the pedal feedback and playing with the noise has the potential for hours of fun

in itself. This pedal sounds like a true analogue delay pedal should, without all the gimickey modulation effects some other pedals have. Although the pedal

is amazing, it is pretty noisy and hisses quite a bit but that could just be a bad outlet at my house. The pedal is built like a tank. If you are looking for

a classic analogue sound with the ability to make crazier repeats then look into one of these.