Michael Amott (born July 28, 1969 in Halmstad, Sweden)is a swedish guitar player. He found several bands including Arch Enemy, Spiritual Beggars, and Carcass. Along with that, he also played with several bands including Candlemass and Carnage.

Guitar Methods and History Edit

Michael started playing death metal when he was a teenager. His influences included famous guitarist such as Frank Marino and Dave Mustaine. His career started out like many death metal guitarists, heavy and generic. After his creation of Arch Enemy though, his guitar playing techinques changed. Many have described his guitar playing as Classical yet New Age. The sucess of his new style of playing has been shown through the success of his band Arch Enemy, which has released around 8 albums since 1996. Though realitvly not heard of, Michael is soon become a main idol for guitar players world wide.