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What is a open chord?

Open chords are chords played at the top of the guitar neck next to the nut. Where the note of the chord first appears on the the fret board. Such as E, Am, E, Am, E, B7, Am.

How Do I read these chords?

In chord names first comes the quantity of the chord (C), Then comes the quality of the chord(m,+,7). In the quality of the chord names the symbols mean the fallowing; nothing=major, m=minor,+=augmented, 0(a degree symbol)=Diminished,7=seventh.

Where do I go from there?

There are a few basic chords.

E, Em, A, Am, C, D, Dm, G

What are Major and Minor Chords?

Major and Minor are the qualities of the chords. There's also Diminished, Augmented, and 7.

Each one of these have their own feeling. Major are Happy joyful chords and Minors are sad, gloomy, dark chords. The diminished and Augmented chords are kinda hard to describe unless you play. Booth Diminished and Augmented chords are very powerful. Augmented are more related to the major chord while the Diminshed is more related to the Minor chord. and the seventh chords are just groovy funky sounding.

Let's talk Theory

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Triads are the simplest form of chords. They consist of three notes.

Here's the formula's for the basic four chords.

Major=Root,Major 3rd, perfect 5th(or a major 3rd and then a minor 3rd interval) Minor=Root,Minor 3rd, Perfect 5th(or a minor 3rd and then a major 3rd) Augmented=Root,Major 3rd, Minor 6th(or a minor 3rd and a minor 3rd) Diminished=Root,Minor 3rd,diminished 5th/augmented 4th(same thing)(or a minor 3rd. and a minor 3rd)