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Guitar Storage Edit

Guitar storage is vital to the imporatance of keeping your guitar's sound like new. Many of the first thoughts may be to store your guitar in your GIG bag or in your hard case, but this is very bad for the guitar. The first thing to remember is that your guitar is made of wood. If anything is known about wood is that, when wet it warps, when very hot it warps, and when very cold it warps. This beinging known make sure to keep your guitar in a dry area.

Temperature Edit

In order to perserve the guitar in its prime condition keep it in temperatures around 50 degrees fahrenheit. Usually, if your house allows for you to be comfortable then your guitar will not be in too much danger of damage. The reason you should not store your guitar in a case is because the temperature may be 10-20 degrees hotter or colder in the case than its enviroment. Also remember, rapaid change in temperature will also do damage to your guitar.

Humidity Edit

Humidity is the water if the air. Therefor, too much humidity will do damage to your guitar over time. It is usually best to keep your guitar any where from 35%-55% relative humidity. Remember that too much humidity will warp your guitar, and too little humidity will dry your guitar out. Again, leaving your guitar in a case will allow for either much lower humidity or higher humidity than what its enviroment is. In the case of humidity, it is usually best to have lower humidity than higher. This is because your strings, pickups, and internal wiring is all made out of some sort of metal. Meaning, if it exposed to too much water it will oxidize creating a horrible sound for your guitar in years to come. Most air conditioners and heaters will do some part in removing water from the air.